Junior Coaching Structure with
Max Williams

You’re never too young to pick up a club and begin a lifelong love of golf! 

If juniors are looking to start or carry on their journey in golf, Max has put in place classes to help get started or continue on their journey.

Running on Saturdays and Sundays they are suitable for all abilities.

Dates can be found by contacting Max.


Golf Coach Max Williams is based at Bletchingley GC and is in charge of all junior coaching.  Max provides several programmes and opportunities for young juniors of all skill levels.

A big part of Max’s – and the club’s – vision is to provide a stepping stone for juniors to keep progressing their game and journey into golf by encouraging them to get out onto the golf course and play.  This is achieved by all year-round development and performance coaching as well as access to the main course and practice facilities.

We are one of few clubs in Surrey to provide this type of programme as we feel it is a great way of transitioning the juniors from ‘just’ coaching sessions to also being able to play on the course safely and effectively for their enjoyment.

Coaching Sessions

The main coaching sessions throughout the year will cover all areas of the game and have been designed to develop the juniors; technique, fitness and life learning skills to be able to play on the course and long term potentially gain a handicap and enter competitions.

A huge part of the on-course learning will involve upping the knowledge of golf rules and etiquette on and off the course.

If you are interested – or have any further questions – please contact Max either via ‘phone on 07507 619 595 or email max@mwgolf.uk

Junior Coaching Only

Classes are split into the following ages categories:

  • Kids – Ages 4 – 6 (session length 60 minutes)
  • Kids – Ages 7 – 9 (session length 90 minutes)
  • Kids – Ages 10-12 (session length 90 minutes)
  • Teens – Ages 13+ (session length 90 minutes)
  • Girls Golf Only – Ages 4+ (session length 60 minutes)

Costing and what is included in 12 monthly programmes:

  • £40 per month Ages 4 – 6
  • £50 per month Ages 7+

For junior coaching, contact us today