Surrey’s top golf instructors offer tips and tricks for a better game

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Get tips and tricks to improve your golf game from the experienced instructors at Bletchingley Golf Club, a Surrey golf club with exceptional facilities. Our instructors are all professionals with an impressive range of qualifications and achievements, so you can trust them to help you up your game. Contact us today to find out more about our golf lessons.

Change up your swing

Many times, golfers neglect to attempt alternative strategies because they are so focused on one method of improving their swing. Don’t be scared to experiment with your golf swings, and think about booking a lesson with an instructor at Bletchingley. Accuracy and distance may both be considerably increased by making a small change to the way you take the club back (your takeout). Even if it initially seems unpleasant, making minor adjustments to your present swing may ultimately feel more natural and enhance your entire game.

Get fit

By the time you reach the 18th hole, you can be exhausted and lose control of your golf swing. It is essential to improve your fitness outside of the golf course in order to avoid this. Walking more is a good place to start. In addition to the additional health advantages you’ll experience off the course, this can boost your degree of endurance.

Nail your finish position

Your golf swing’s finish might reveal a lot about your swing mechanics. Your belt buckle should be towards the goal, you should feel balanced, and your rear heel should be entirely off the ground when you finish properly. Hold the position after you’ve struck the ball as you look for these three signs of a good swing. Swing through and don’t let up before or after making contact with the ball. Make hip motions! Add this advice to your daily practice and see how your ball striking develops over time!

Practice, practice, practice

You need to play more practice rounds at our Surrey golf course if you want to improve your golf game, even if it may seem obvious. The emotional and physical experience of playing a competitive game of golf cannot be replicated by spending a lot of time on the driving range. Additionally, rather of enjoying the convenience of a flat driving range, you frequently hit shots during your round off of a sloping ground more comparable to competing in a tournament. After the game, give yourself some time to think back on your accomplishments and areas for development. Keep a list of the opportunities and shots you missed. This might assist you in developing a strategy that concentrates on the areas of your game that want more improvement.

Contact our instructors at our Surrey golf club today to book your first lesson: 01883 744 848.

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