Top tips for planning a great wedding or function in Surrey

Read top tips for planning a great wedding or function in Surrey from the events team at Bletchingley Golf Club. Contact us to discuss your plans for your event and our team will be able to help you make it a reality.


When you’re planning a big event, such as a wedding or other celebration, the first thing to think about is how many people will attend, so you can match your choice of venue with the capacity you need. As a wedding venue, Bletchingley Golf Club offers a range of spacious function rooms for every need, so you can find the perfect one for your special day.


Is your venue within easy travel distance for the majority of your guests? And is it accessible easily by car or public transport? Are there hotels or major transport hubs nearby for guests travelling from further afield? If you’re thinking about Surrey venue hire for your big event, then Bletchingley is easy to get to from London and surrounding areas, making it a convenient location for many guests.


You want the atmosphere of your chosen venue to match the celebratory nature of your event. Bleltchingley Golf Club’s stunning function rooms delivery ambiance in spades, with beautiful views across the golf course and a range of décor options that you can tailor to meet your needs.


It might be a boring thing to have to think about, but ample parking capacity will make everything easier for your guests and help to make for a happy and easygoing day. Bletchingley offers plenty of parking so your guests won’t have any problems.


What kind of layout do you want for your wedding or large event? At Bletchingley, our function rooms can be arranged in layouts that are tailored to your needs so that you can create your ideal event. Just ask our team today and we’ll be able to make some recommendations for you.

Contact us today for Surrey venue hire and find your perfect wedding venue at Bletchingley.

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