Winter Golf Blog

Winter Golf Blog

It is unrealistic to think that you are going to go out there and shoot under your handicap when the greens are not at their best and the weather is awful. Golfers should stop thinking that their course is the same par all year round and start thinking about adding strokes onto par to make up for the course’s conditions during the winter months. I don’t think it’s unreasonable for us to add two strokes on to the par of the course for each nine, making a par-72 which Bletchingley to a par 76. From an overall game perspective, winter allows you time to practice without worrying about your score or result. In summer, you’re always playing competitions or matches. In winter, this is the time to work on the weak areas of your game. My advice to all readers is: work out what areas of your game you need to improve and then get down to the range and start working on them. If you are motivated then you’ll make next year your best year yet. I am sure Ben Daniels and Steve Furlonger will be more than happy to help with all aspects of your game going into 2019.

Try a Yellow Golf Ball

Not so long ago, yellow balls were the preserve of driving ranges and rock-hard budget balls. But now the likes of Titleist and Callaway offer some of their premium models in yellow.
Serious golfers tend to stay away from yellow golf balls, but they perform just the same as white ones and are easier to spot among leaves or frost. Yellow golf balls compared to the Pure White version and at 225 yards the yellow golf ball is far easier to see than white.

Keep your body warm and working

Alcohol is the last thing you require in your body when playing golf as it will lower your body temperature. Instead, the trick is to increase your metabolism by taking in food or drink that stimulate the nervous system or get the body to work a bit harder. A couple of cups of strong coffee will do this, but other good options include: green tea, which raises the body temperature and is thought to benefit your blood pressure (drink two or three cups an hour before the round).

Add loft to your driver

More loft means more carry and more distance, so get along to see one of our team in the Pro shop and find out what will give you the best driver head/shaft combo. Callaway Golf is only 20 minutes from Bletchingley GC and we can book you in for a FREE fitting. For more information, please contact me.

Introduce a friend to golf

Are you looking to join a club then perhaps ask friend who has been making noises about trying golf to come with you. Their presence will entertain and inspire you, and then who knows? Come spring you might just have a new partner. We have various categories of membership and added benefits when subscribing as a 5 or 7- day member. Form ore information contact me today and let me show you round our fantastic club!

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